[I] doesn't exist - will exist!

Hello everyone!

It has been some time since we updated you on where we stand in development but now we have some big an exciting news.

Thanks to a generous fund by ProHelvetia we are able to invest more time in our game! We are extremely excited and are looking forward to this opportunity. For the past few months we have been preparing documents, pitches and so much more in order to bring the best out of [I] doesn't exist and now we can't wait to get back into development.

We will be coming back with more news and announcements soon, so keep a look out!

A big thank you to ProHelvetia for making this possible and of course to all of you for being patient and overall amazing!

We wish you all the best, Lu and Al

Get I doesn't exist


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This is amazing news!

Such a great opportunity, I'm sure the final product will flourish.

Thank you so much Duke! We are super excited and are already looking forward to the eventual release :3