Stream, New Demo and a BIG Announcement!

Heya lovely people! 

New And Improved Demo!

A new Demo for [I] doesn't exist just went live for Windows, Mac and Linux! We made improvements to visuals, narration and fixed a few text issues and other pesky bugs that where found by players at Gamescom and Zurich Pop. We are currently in The Mix Next Fest on Steam with this new demo - go and show some love to all the other awesome indie titles there! 

Stream Announcment

About a month ago we did a Stream as part of a community goal that was reached during our Kickstarter. We had so much fun last time that we decided to do it again! This time we will be working on some of the Kickstarter rewards while also answering any questions you might have. Follow us on twitter where we will share the date and time (once we know them) or on twitch to get a notification once we go live. Come chill with us and get some behind the scenes looks! 

Additionally, if you have missed our last stream we have uploaded the VOD to YouTube. You can find it here.

LUAL Games x Dread XP

We saved the best for last - we are thrilled to announce that Dread XP is publishing our game! We are looking forward to working together with them and are hyped for the future. 

We started this journey here on itch and we wanted to thank all of you again for your ongoing support. Thank you for all of your encouraging comments and feedback and for sticking around. We hope you enjoy the new demo and have a great rest of the week. <3

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Glad to see you guys have luck with securing a publisher. I love seeing all these updates, little and large!