Kickstarter and more!

Oh hi there - we're back with some updates!


Two weeks ago me and Al flew over to San Francisco to showcase our game at the GDC! We are extremely grateful for this experience and we had so much fun. We were able to talk to a LOT of amazing people from all over the world and show what we've made to a big audience. Our game received great reception and we were able to sneak in some much needed playtesting as well!


Two days before we sat on the plane we published our Kickstarter! We are now gathering followers in preparation to the launch - if you're interested go and press "Notify me on launch"  here! In our last update we've already mentioned that we received some government funding, so why Kickstarter? The funds we received will cover a few months of development but the Kickstarter will help us get to the home stretch. With your help we'll be able to create a finished and polished game! 

Our Kickstarter brings limited goodies such as pins, stickers and posters (featuring our lovely mushroom). In addition to that some backers will have the opportunity to get their hands on some beta keys and can play the game before anyone else!

The Game

But where are we with development? As mentioned we got some good playtesting rounds in the last weeks and found some bugs in the second act but also some words we want to add to the first act. Besides that we have mainly been planning and organizing. Collecting our ideas to expand and polish the game is an important step in order to figure out our scope and wants.

Thank you so much for your ongoing support! We appreciate you and hope you have a lovely day :)

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Well isn't this a treat! I will most certainly consider a donation to this lovely project, keep it up!