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GenreVisual Novel
TagsAnime, Dating Sim, Horror, Lovecraftian Horror, Singleplayer


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Love the new chapter: 

This game is a gem! Starts off silly and gets dark out of nowhere (while still staying kinda silly). Bravo!


If I were to give one criticism to this game, it's that the chanting mechanic is a little unforgiving to my stupid hands.

Can we please get a patch so this works in the desktop itch.io app? Cheers. :)

not my usual flavor but my god is it good

Seriously my favorite game I have played recently.  I love all the characters and find the entire story charming!

That was great, easily one of the best Visual Novels I’ve played, and an amazing choice on the actors. They all fit perfectly within their characters and do an amazing job making each feel unique from each other. 

I really hope we will see more visual novels like this in the future. I really loved it.


The game doesn't seem to be set up properly for the itch-app. I don't mind downloading/installing this game oldschool, but it would still be nice and more convenient from the launcher.


Second this. Not the end of the world ordeal, but it would be nice to have it accessible in the itch app.

Is Sucker For Love worth it? Hell freaking yes.

Beyond being an absolutely adorable dating simulator with Eldritch gods as the subject of affection, the horror elements were surprisingly effective, and left me an anxious mess.

Am I looking forward to the next instalment of the series? Yes!

Am I a masochist for flirting with things that could kill me? Absolutely.

I ADORE THIS GAME!!! Having got the XP collection just so I could play Prelude, I am so happy to see you take the game to another level.

Finished the game and I already cannot wait to see what all of you talented folk do next. Thank you for the Masterpiece

I finally finished Sucker for Love and I loved every minute of this game. The writing, the hilarious bits, the characters, and the voice acting. The voice acting is phenomenal. Thank you so much for this wonderful experience. I look forward to more in the future.

AUNTIE BIG BIG OwO| Sucker for Love: Third Date All Endings

i would've liked to see the full game, buttt i don't have a credit- soo yeh.. I'd play the short verse tho

1st off I've loved this entire experience it's been very fun being MAD WITH LUST!! But also I didn't know that you guys were also the creators from CHROMATOSE very strange/cool Regardless tho this was fun & I'm excited for when CHROMATOSE or whatever else you guys work on comes out.

Part 2 IS UP AND LIVE!! I missed This Game So much!!
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I finally got around to playing this! I love visual novels and the fact that this has horror element is right up my alley. The art style is fantastic and the voice acting is out this world. A fantabulous game. I had a good laugh and I enjoyed every moment in this game. Thank you so much for the wonderful experience. Can't wait to play chapter 2 <

I am #teamestir I love her. She is so cute in every single way and my favorite character design. I love how there is so many different endings?! Amazing. I am enjoying every moment of this game. I await for chapter 3. <3




Do I need to play the "Prelude" before this, or is it already included in it?

Prelude is included

Thanks for the game my friend. I have only played 3 parts so far and so far enjoyed it. can't wait to finish this game but here is the first part. 

I went to steam to buy,...NOW! Respect the author, if you see this message, if you have time, can you answer it?

1. Will other language versions be launched in the future?

2. I saw Shub-Niggurath and ? ? ? (Azathoth??) Will there be a follow-up.

3. Are there other plans of the Great One and other gods...such as Dagon or Ghroth, Yomagn'tho/Cthugha (sorry, I forgot who they are for fire)

4. Whether the plot will be added in the future, I think it is still too short...

This game reminds me of works such as "ときめきメモリアル", "Memories Off", "Kanon", etc. It seems to have found that "strangeness, curiosity, fear and unknown feeling of stepping into the world of love for the first time".

It is very different from the GAL games on the market that use sexual innuendo and take sth for granted scripts. I love this game...going to buy it! ...NOW!

Is there any reason there's no pay with card option?

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Would be great if a credit card option could be added. Can´t buy without it.


I can't seem to download the game from the itch.io program, from the website is fine though.

I'm having this issue as well.