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I haven't played much of this game yet and my god I already love it.

manooooo donde lo encuentro completo:]

dis game lit i love it dude keep up make a part 2

Dang This Quality for a Free Demo, Definitely a MUST TRY!! 🤩

I didn’t sh*t my pants 

Boss Battle Time 

Game got harder to play but Im up for the challenge 

I enjoy playing this game 

We Making It Out The Sewers

Was a bit confused with the story since the demo throws you in some time into the game. But besides that the game plays really well and had alot of features to it. Overall pretty solid game 👍

so awesome man loved it a bit of horror and humor with definite inspiration form RE games and other alike gave me a few heart attacks thanks again


Excellent game my brother, keep it up

ass destroyer 11

i looooooooooooooove it sooooooooooooooo much i died when i startid 

I shot novels worth of letters at all the Elmo rejects. Amazingly well made game with a great survival horror element that kept me on my toes at every corner. Also a lot of fun ideas like "guns" that shoot letters or paper at the enemies, it had a Bioshock/Resident Evil feel but quickly became it's own thing. All in all, I would throw hands with these Sesame Street crackheads any day, fun game!

I’m absolutely ready for the full game! 

This game is amazing so far 



They treat people so Nicely! 

 I don't know what I'm getting myself Into.

Game is amazing! The puzzles gave me hard time trying to figure everything out ngl lol

i got sstuck on the block spelling part for 34 mins lol 

This game is so friendly lol

I got forced to say this SEND HELP NOW

(1 edit)

This is probably one of the best games I've ever played!

I already made a whole series on the full release but I thought I would leave my first video here.

Amazing game, liked it a lot, can not wait to get to play more!

Such a Treasure of a game, I enjoy every moment of this game until the very end




Okay so far playing through the full game and its lived up to the hype!


Best Horror game out right now


Playing the game. Part 1 =D

Part 2

absolutely loved this, can’t wait for the full release! 

I'm so ready for this game to come out. It gives me Sesame Street or The Muppets Horror Game Vibe.

Un excelente juego 

I Think I heard Arlo when that Sock Puppet was talking. . .

That sounds EXACTLY like that Puppet Youtuber!


This game is absolutely nuts. I reviewed it in my latest video and honestly felt like i was tasting colours by the end of it...


你们猜我说的什么语言︿( ̄︶ ̄)︿

Great game! funny and kinda strange! cant wait till I can play the whole thing :)

I can not wait for the full game!!!

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