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In this new demo, you'll be dropped -quite literally- into the basement of the Our Friendly Neighborhood studio. The only person around willing to have a chat is Ricky the Sock, a fun-loving and slightly unhinged sock puppet who thinks you should just give up on your mission to repair the antenna at the top of the studio.

Get familiar with:
The Rolodexer: a revolver that shoots custom letter cards.
The Novelist - A shotgun made out of stolen typewriters

Meet the puppets!
Norman, Leonard, Junebug...and Ray.

Find secrets!
We're not telling where they might be.

Wishlist the full game on Steam, and stay tuned for an Itch.io release!

Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(86 total ratings)
TagsAtmospheric, Creepy, First-Person, Horror, puppets, Singleplayer


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I'm so ready for this game to come out. It gives me Sesame Street or The Muppets Horror Game Vibe.

Un excelente juego 

I Think I heard Arlo when that Sock Puppet was talking. . .

That sounds EXACTLY like that Puppet Youtuber!


This game is absolutely nuts. I reviewed it in my latest video and honestly felt like i was tasting colours by the end of it...


你们猜我说的什么语言︿( ̄︶ ̄)︿

Great game! funny and kinda strange! cant wait till I can play the whole thing :)

I can not wait for the full game!!!

Tries to go 4k no matter what and therefore cannot start

This game right here is good and I love everything about shoutout to DreadXP let me know when the whole game is finish so I can play it full...

awesome demo!
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Awesome game! I had alot of fun! Keep up with your work!!

Fun et beau !  Je recommande ;)

J'attend la version final !!

This was a very fun game. It's silly, it looks great, the puzzles made me think. Bravo! 


después de mucho pude probar la demo, la historia se ve bastante interesante y la mecánica del armamento simplemente me encanto.   me perdí bastante en el mapa, pero no fue algo que me terminara de molestar. un juego que promete bastante. 

This game is awesome.

funny characters + the unlimited ammo cheat makes it more fun . hehe

It is quite glitchy for me

I can't wait to see the full release of the game!! Had so much fun playing this game

Ive been holding my breath for this to hopefully come out this year. i absolutely LOVED this game! 

T H E Z I P F I L E I S 1 G B

when is the full release because im so excited in making a stream with this game

I am very excited for the full release of this game :) 

love this game so much cant wait for this game to come out its got such a unique style its amazing I  recommend playing this 10000% if your not sure check out the video  
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My final installment of the demo (Might go back and try out the extra content tee hee!). Looking forward to the full game release! Definitely going to play the whole thing on my channel :)!

This was an interesting experience of Sesame Street horror! I like how none of the monster truly die and just ramble on about very dark and hilarious topics. Your team is doing a great job on this and I have to get the full game now. Thanks for the demo!

Woah! I didn't finish it in this episode, but oh boy am I excited to finish this demo and then to be hyped about the full game! 

I've said it before and I'll say it again, but the Szymanski's never miss. 

I need more of this lol! You did an amazing job bringing this experience alive. 10/10


I am so excited for the full release of this game, when playing this demo my heart fluttered back to the opening of bioshock. One of my favorite games, you devs have captured something magical here. You have my money for sure, and this is just a demo

My friendly neighborhood is such a fun game. I love that instead of just murdering the puppets you actually have to tie them up or else they just get back up. Survivor difficulty was a nice touch for a first playthrough and overall a fun time. I did get lost a few times and there is a lot of back and forth. I'm excited for the full release! 

Yay, I get bragging rights now. In all honesty, this game is incredible. Looking forward to the final release

not dark

i played this game on steam but still cool to see it on itch.io

dude this is sick, especialy how you can manage to make a horror game scaryt despite being able to defend yourself, its a really hard balance and it is done really well here! keep up the good work

This was a real goodie.  Keep up the awesomeness, 'cause I want to play the whole thing when it's out.

Liked this game so much I went back to try out everything it has to offer in its current state. Can not wait for the full game, the fact that a demo like this has such a lineup of features is amazing to me. Also, I made a proposition for the devs in the video... I await your response.

Hope you enjoy and would appreciate any feedback!

can i wheeze?


hi it cool

 but how to play

Super cool concept, I cant wait for the full game!!!
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