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This definitely had me stressing at some points, but I really enjoyed it! (here is my playthrough if anyone is interested!)

Wow. she scared me and made me fall in love



This was fun! i'll be playing Sucker for Love: first date, soon!

This was amazing! Thankfully not lewd (well, depending on how into squids you are.)

Funny, well acted, and somehow still a little spooky. Looking forward to trying out the sequel soon :)

Pat 2 is up i love this game so much tbh this is probably one of the only games that i really want to complete!!

God this was ridiculous, scary, surprising, awkward, and I loved every second of it. I definitely recommend it. I loved the chanting aspects, and just the overall interactions in the game. Also adored the dialogue. I look forward to doing the full game. But if you want a taste go ahead and try it. It's the second game in the video above :). Played it for Valentines Day!

I haven't played the full version/extension of this but damn this was silly fun. Though the slight very slight horror aspect are nice It's just really fun fucking around with this beautiful green lady who will kill us all. 

This game...すごい! ! ! ! !

If you close your eyes and don't look at the characters, it's also a very good dating work. I like her voice acting (maybe better with Japanese?) The cosmic entity resembles a pink-haired Cthulhu with かわいい and ヤンデレ.

The game promotion is full of the MANGA style of the 90S period. I like this kind of work with extreme contrast. I'm going to buy it...SAN値!ピンチ!...Buy it...SAN値!ピンチ!...Buy it...SAN値!ピンチ!...Buy it...SAN値!ピンチ!~

Is this seperate from the main game or included? should i play this now or wait for after main game?

WHEN I TELL YOU THIS GAME WAS SO FUN!!! I'm new to visual novels  and this one stuck out. I was kind of skeptical but oh my goodness... My chat and I thoroughly enjoyed how funny and creative it was. We started your game at 2:36:54. The link sends you right to it. CANT WAIT FOR MORE!!

Loved it! Great voice acting, pretty sure gonna play the full game also!

it's incredible

The trailer for the full game seems so damn good: 


I loved playing this game so much and CANNOT WAIT FOR FIRST DATE XD !!!!


Very funny game. I love the art. 


My only gripe is with the chant mechanic. Otherwise I enjoyed it. Love the art and UI.


Great job, Akabaka! Below is my playthrough!


Loved it!